Now Easily View WMSolutions.com Emails On Any Device

December 2, 2014 / By WMSolutions.com Technology

We know our customers are mobile people. You are out and about taking care of business as efficiently as possible. To help you be more efficient and receive the information you need no matter where you are we have upgraded our emails to be viewed on any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our Customers Are Increasingly More Mobile

Mobile devices with internet capability are becoming increasingly more commonplace with 68.8% of people in the United States owning a SmartPhone according to ComScore. Further, we have been monitoring our statistics and have found 41.6% of our emails were already being read on a mobile device! This is a huge portion of our customers and we needed to make this step to ensure them the best experience. Our data is comparable to updated national data from Litmus, and we foresee this number rising as the holidays approach and people ask for new mobile technology.

How we made this change?

We utilized responsive design that will automatically updated content and sizing to fit your particular device. If you check your email on a mobile device often you can see how the quality will vary; some emails will look fine while others will force you to scroll strangely or not display all of the information.

Responsive design is done best when taking a mobile first philosophy. This means we first designed our emails to look flawless on a mobile device and then worked up to bigger displays like your desktop. This approach leads to a finished project that will give you all the information you need no matter what device you are viewing this on.

We are excited for this next step of mobile technology and hope our customers will benefit from this change. Do you read your emails most often from your a mobile device or desktop?



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