5 Great Apps to Help your Sustainability Efforts at Work and Home

January 12, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Waste Minimization

We all know the saying “There’s an app for that.” So of course there are apps to help with your sustainability efforts on the job and around the house. Check out these five apps that can help tune up your efforts to be more environmentally conscious in your business and home life.

WM Mobile App

If you are a registered user of www.wm.com, WM Mobile allows you to manage your waste accounts on the go. You can pay your bill, request and manage a roll off, handle payments, view the pickup schedule, enroll in automatic payments, view estimated pickup times, signup for paperless billing, and view the holiday schedule.

Carbon Track

This app uses GPS to calculate your carbon footprint based on how much you or your employees travel. It lets you chart your carbon emission changes by month so you can set goals to decrease your impact. Select planes, train and automobiles–as well as some other vehicles. You can also toggle between miles and kilometers, so you can also easily track your overseas emissions.

Battery Tune – Full Charge Alarm

We all know that unplugging electronics when they’re fully charged is a good way to conserve energy, but it’s not always easy to remember to unplug our devices. The Green Charging app makes your phone or device vibrate and sound an alarm when it’s fully charged, saving you energy (and money). Imagine if your whole team of field people all used this app—the energy savings would definitely add up! This app also lets you know how much talk time you have remaining at the current battery level.


Knowing just how to dispose of waste can be hard to figure out–whether it’s your broken dishwasher, old computer, or dead batteries. The iRecycle app brings to you Earth911.com’s national database of over 100,000 recycling and proper disposal locations for over 200 products. You can select the item you need to get rid of and the app will pull up recycling options located nearby along with contact information so you can call and be sure the info is correct.

The Pharos Project

Pharos is a project of the Healthy Building Network (www.healthybuilding.net) — a non-profit whose mission is “to transform the market for building materials to advance the best environmental, health and social outcomes.” The online app evaluates 1,600 + building products and components from nearly 300 manufacturers, across 13 major product categories including chemicals and materials for 22 health and environmental hazards, as well as rates over 250 product certifications and uses them in building product evaluations.

The subscription service starts as low as $21 a month and goes up from there. As many colleagues as you need can have access to Pharos through your subscription. They offer special pricing for schools, non-profits, and government agencies.

What mobile apps do you use to help your sustainability efforts?

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