Simplified Profile Process Design

June 22, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology

Makes it easier than ever to submit a profile on WMSolutions.com

We have updated the “My Profiles” section, giving you a more efficient experience to manage all your profile needs. Through this innovative design, you can create a new profile, renew a profile, transfer a profile, manage shared viewing and more. Better yet, you can do all this from a mobile device on-the-go.

Getting Started with the Updated Profile Process

  1. When you are ready to submit a profile head to “My Profiles” and click “Create a profile”.
  2. Enter your state and material type or choose from the list of most common profiles.
  3. Decide whether to continue your profile online or print a PDF form.
  4. Complete the profile by adding in generator information and additional details.

Our goal is that this new user interface will eliminate confusion and help to make your profiles easier to submit, resulting in faster approval times for you and your team.

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