Recycling Business Electronics

August 11, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Waste Minimization

Continual advances in technology and an increasingly mobile workforce has left a lot of outdated office equipment to simply collect dust and take up space. For instance, now that WMSolutions.com members can submit waste profiles electronically using the eSignature feature, the good old fax machine may be nothing more than a place to stack junk. Smartphones and apps are pushing old telephones and computers into the already crowded storage room, and electronic communication has turned the copier into a giant, paper-wasting clunker.

When you are motivated to clear out the clutter of the bygone office era, it’s important to properly recycle those old machines and devices. We say “RECYCLE OFTEN. RECYCLE RIGHT.℠” because recycling not only reduces waste, it protect humans and the environment from potentially dangerous chemicals and metals found in common electronic equipment.

Waste Management offers multiple resources that business customers can use to safely recycle obsolete office electronics such as fax machines, copiers, computers, electronic devices, and more.

Here are some of Waste Management services that are available to business customers:

Find a Drop-Off Recycling Center Near You

Simply enter your state and zip code to find recycling facilities near you that accept eWaste.

“Pays to Recycle” Program

Collects, recycles, refurbishes and repurposes old electronics such as iPhones®, cell phones, iPads®, iPods®, and laptops.

Pallet-Load Recycling Service

If you have a pallet of electronics, Waste Management LampTracker’s Pallet-Load Recycling Service is a great solution.

Recycle by Mail

You can order an Electronics Recycling Kit to fit your needs–for small electronics up to a full size pallet box with lid and pallet.

We are here to help business owners make the most of recycling resources. Please contact us with any questions or to create a customized solution that fits your needs.



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