Sign Off with One-Click Using WM e-Signature

January 9, 2014 / By WMSolutions.com Technology, Training

We just made submitting your EZ Profiles™ a whole lot easier.

With the WM e-Signature, you can now create and store a personal electronic signature for use on all of your waste profiles, amendments and renewals.

Benefits include:

  • One-Click signatures!
  • No more faxing!
  • No more signing forms using a mouse!
  • Cut your approval times in half by using an electronic signature!

Creating your WM e-Signature is easy.

Login to your WMSolutions.com account and click “Get Your e-Signature Now”. Then click “Create an e-Signature”, choose a font, and you’re done!

Your new electronic signature becomes a permanent part of the EZ Profile™ system so you can easily access it when it’s time to sign an online document.

Check it out and take advantage of all the time you can save.

Learn how to utilize this function by watching the below video:



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