Quickly and Easily View Profiles Between Users on WMSolutions.com

November 18, 2013 / By WMSolutions.com Technology, Training

Enjoy easier communication and enhanced collaboration with Shared Viewing. By implementing this feature you and your organization will be more efficient and save time.

Shared Viewing Drives:

  • Timely collaboration: Leverage the power of information sharing and drive efficiency.

  • Out of office coverage: Keep your colleagues apprised so you know you’re covered when you need to be somewhere else.

  • Ease of access: View profiles across multiple users without transferring files back and forth.

  • On the run reporting: Run transactional reports for profiles belonging to peers 24/7.

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Note: Only the profile owner has the ability to edit and ship wastes on the profile. Shared Viewing can be rescinded at your discretion. Please use caution when sharing records that may contain confidential information.

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