Save Time and Speed Up Approvals

August 19, 2014 / By WMSolutions.com Technology, Training

Our new electronic profiles are easy to fill out and even easier to sign and submit. The fill-online feature utilizes pre-populated forms that streamline the approval process while significantly reducing input errors.

Further, once you have created an electronic profile, you can take advantage of the other benefits of your WMSolutons.com account such as Transactional Reporting and Shared Viewing. Most importantly, it lets you spend more time managing your business and less time managing paperwork!

Submit profiles anywhere using e-signatures.
Use your electronic signature instead of a traditional hard copy profile, and your approval time could be cut in half. Now you can conduct business from your home office, a remote location, and even from the hood of your pickup truck.

The new fill online profiles and e-signature lets you conveniently complete and submit profiles 24/7 without the need for a pen, printer or fax machine.

View our step-by-step training video to learn how to submit your waste profiles online now:


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