Setting Your Communication Preferences

January 4, 2016 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
Checking email is like panning for gold; most of the time you end up sifting through a bunch of rocks. It’s a tedious process, and emails often get lost due to sheer volume and daily business activity. To that... Read More.

Thorhild Landfill Opening

November 9, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Industrial Waste
Waste Management is excited to announce the opening of Thorhild Landfill in Alberta, Canada. This tremendous resource for the industrial generators of Western Canada provides... Read More.

Where’s the craziest place you signed...

October 1, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
Let us know for a chance to win a $50 Amazon.com gift card! If the new contract addendum feature saves you time, tell us... Read More.

Recycling Business Electronics

August 11, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Waste Minimization
Continual advances in technology and an increasingly mobile workforce has left a lot of outdated office equipment to simply collect dust and take up... Read More.

Have you tried the enhanced electronic...

July 16, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
Not yet? Well, we highly recommend it. This powerful feature allows you to complete profiles online and send them to your clients or colleagues... Read More.

Simplified Profile Process Design

June 22, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
Makes it easier than ever to submit a profile on WMSolutions.com We have updated the “My Profiles” section, giving you a more efficient experience... Read More.

Customize Your WMSolutions.com Experience

June 22, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
WMSolutions.com implemented new changes within your account to give you more control. Now you can increase efficiency by selecting defaults for the following areas... Read More.

Coming June 23: A New Mobile-Friendly...

June 8, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Technology
Don’t be alarmed if WMSolutions.com looks different after June 23. Our team has been diligently working to improve your online experience! The new website... Read More.

Waste Minimization Tips for Business

May 20, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Waste Minimization
As many businesses continue to adopt sustainability practices into daily operations, one of the easiest places to start is the area of waste reduction.... Read More.

The EPA’s Electronic Manifest is Just...

April 8, 2015 / By WMSolutions.com Hazardous Waste, Technology
The Environmental Protection Agency is reaching the home stretch in the long process of developing a national electronic manifest (e-Manifest) system, updating the current... Read More.