Container Logistics Waste Management

Logistics is the science of getting the right things to the right people at the right time. In the environmental services industry, this means delivering the right waste containers aboard the right vehicles to the right facilities precisely when they're needed. Properly executed, container logistics can save you time, money and aggravation, while boosting your facility's operational efficiencies.

WM became North America's leading industrial services company in large part by mastering container logistic. Our sophisticated computer applications, extensive container inventory and GPS-equipped trucks allow us to ensure your industrial waste transportation and disposal services are executed with machine-like precision. We expertly match our container types, sizes and schedules to your facility's waste stream volumes so there's minimal under - and excess service capacity. And we're flexible enough to quickly alter your service program to keep pace with seasonal and other variations.

Good records are vital to regulatory compliance. This is why we diligently track and document all pickups and disposals. We store shipment and disposal records electronically in a single location that we can access securely from any of our facilities. GPS units allow us to pinpoint our trucks' locations at all times, so we always know exactly where your materials are, even while they're in transit. No environmental services company offers a more complete or sophisticate array of logistical services to meet your company's needs.