Demolition & Dismantling Services

If you are demolishing an obsolete industrial facility, or are dismantling part of an operating facility as part of an expansion or remodeling program, then you can't ignore the environmental impact of your activities. Demolition of older buildings can release dangerous pollutants, especially asbestos, long held dormant in the aging structure. There is also the issue of how to dispose of old steel, concrete, wood and rebar in a way that is safety, affordably, and environmentally responsible.

If you are planning to demolish or dismantle all or part of a facility, call on the expert environmental services of WM. Prior to demolition, WM can survey the property to identify any hazardous materials that may need attention during the tear-down. Working with your facility's management, we can then devise a plan for safely and responsibly containing any hazardous substances during demolition.

During demolition, WM trucks and equipment can remove all your Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, including concrete, wood, glass and metals. In many cases, we can recycle these C&D materials, which can greatly reduce your disposal costs. When recycling is not an option, we can safely dispose of your C&D waste in one of our many secure landfills. This includes the disposal of any hazardous materials your project may reveal.

Be assured that all recycling and disposal of your C&D materials will be done in compliance with the highest environmental standards.