Excavation & Soil Removal Services

If your company has ever dealt with petroleum, explosives, mercury, or other hazardous materials, chances are you may need soil removal and excavation services at some point. Facilities that have operated for more than 20 years often sit on soil that was contaminated long before today's more stringent environmental controls were in place. Even today, with strong environmental regulations in effect; leaks, spills and other unplanned releases of hazardous materials can contaminate soil, leading to a variety of air and water pollution issues.

If you have an accidental materials release, or are planning to build on ground contaminated in the past, you need the help of an expert in soil removal and excavation.

WM, North America's environmental services leader, offers expert soil removal and excavation services to industrial customers throughout North America. We have one of the industry's largest fleets of earthmoving equipment. Plus we have the experience and expertise to remove and dispose of your contaminated soils in a manner that is safe, cost-effective and in full compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations.

Our environmental experts will first analyze your soil to identify all hazardous materials present. Then, working with your facility management team, we will devise a plan for safely and effectively removing the necessary volumes without causing further harm to the surrounding environment. In most case, we can perform our soil removal and excavation services without interfering with your facility's normal operations.

When we're done, you can proceed with any building or expansion plans in complete confidence, or the land can be returned to its natural state.