FRAC Storage Tanks

Rent, lease or buy frac storage tanks from WM for your oil and gas well operations. Holding up to 40,000 barrels, a single WM tank can replace up to 84 traditional frac tanks. We will deliver your tank to your site and have it ready to store water, usually in just six to eight hours.

Benefits of our frac storage tank services include:

  • Short lead times with tank installations ranging from six to eight hours.
  • Installation and disassembly for one guaranteed price. No unforeseen charges or third party subcontractors.
  • Safe installation that doesn't require cranes. This eliminates suspended loads and reduces delays due to high winds.
  • A complete solution that includes water management, water heating, insulating tank cover, and side feed suction to reduce or eliminate the need for transfer pumps.
  • A one-stop frac water solution delivers efficiencies and reduces costs.
  • WM is MHA Tero Approved.