New Electronic Manifest System being developed by EPA is expected to go live on June 30, 2018

EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system, known as “e-Manifest”, will modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time, resources, and dollars for industry and states.

Benefits of the e-Manifest system include:
  • Creation of a single hub for one-stop reporting of manifest data for use by EPA and states;
  • Transition from paper-intensive process to electronic system is expected to save state and industry users $75-90 million annually;
  • Accurate and more timely information on waste shipments;
  • Rapid notification of discrepancies or other problems related to a particular shipment;
  • Increased effectiveness of compliance monitoring of waste shipments by regulators; and
  • The potential for integrating manifest reporting with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) biennial reporting process and other federal and state information systems.
For more information, please review the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Waste Management be participating in the EPA’s e-Manifest program?

Yes, Waste Management is currently in the process of developing a short- and long-term process to support our customers using the EPA’s e-Manifest system.

Will the e-Manifest requirements become effective immediately on the same date in all states?

Yes. On the effective date, all hazardous waste manifests and manifest data will be managed by the EPA’s manifest processing center, rather than the individual states.

What shipments will be required to comply with the e-Manifest program?

Any shipment required to use a hazardous waste manifest, including RCRA hazardous waste, TSCA (PCB) regulated waste, state RCRA hazardous waste, and special wastes for which a state requires the use of a hazardous waste manifest.

How is the e-Manifest system expected to work?

When a generator logs into e-Manifest, he/she initiates a new manifest and enters the information for the types and quantities of waste to be shipped. The shipment is scheduled with the destination facility. When the transporter picks up the waste, the driver logs into e-Manifest and electronically signs the manifest. The generator then electronically signs the manifest. A copy is printed to accompany the truck in accordance with DOT requirements. Upon delivery at the destination facility, the facility logs into e-Manifest, selects the manifest to receive the waste. When the receiving and review process is complete, the facility will accept the waste by signing and submitting the manifest in the e-Manifest program.

Can a paper manifest still be used?

Yes. A shipment may be initiated using a new version of the paper hazardous waste manifest that includes new distribution instructions: submit the top copy of the manifest to the EPA Manifest Processing Center. The destination facility may mail the top copy to the Processing Center. Alternately, a PDF image of the manifest may be submitted. The EPA Processing Center will enter the manifest data into the e-Manifest system. A higher processing fee will apply. The receiving facility may also extract the data from the manifest and submit it to EPA as a data file.

How do I access the e-Manifest system?

The e-Manifest system is still in development. It will be located on EPA’s CDX Central Data Exchange website ( under the RCRA Info program. A user ID and password will need to be established. A test site is currently available for monitoring the development (See for more information). When EPA provides information on the opening of program registration, WM will provide further guidance on how to register for e-Manifest.

What do I have to do to become authorized to electronically sign manifests?

The e-Manifest system is still in development. When EPA provides information on the opening of program, WM will provide further guidance on how to apply for signatory authorization for e-Manifest.

Will WM be able to prepare a manifest for a customer on the e-Manifest system?

Yes, WM may draft an electronic manifest for a customer. The EPA has indicated that they will be including a function that allows a generator to authorize an entity to create and/or sign a manifest on their behalf.

Can corrections be made to a manifest after submittal to EPA?

Yes, corrections can be submitted any time that they are necessary.

Does the EPA charge a manifest processing fee?

Yes, to support the activities at the EPA’s Manifest Processing Center. As a result, WM will charge our customers a manifest surcharge that will cover this regulatory fee along with expenses incurred by WM to comply with this requirement and to achieve an acceptable operating margin.

What is WM doing to prepare for the e-Manifest Program?

  • Preparing destination facilities, including TSDFs, to receive waste on an e-Manifest.
  • Reviewing current business practices to determine the most effective way to handle paper manifests.
  • Providing guidance for our customers to help prepare them for the implementation of the e-Manifest program.
  • Reviewing WM systems to determine how they may be enhanced to assist customers creating e-Manifests (e.g. extract DOT shipping information from the Waste Profile for entry on a manifest).
  • Reviewing WM receiving/waste tracking systems to determine how they may be enhanced to transfer data to EPA’s e-Manifest system.