Mercury Retort and Processing Waste Management

Mercury is a dangerous substance. Used in a variety of industrial devices, including float valves, mercury switches, mercury relays, and fluorescent lamps, as well as in many medical devices, mercury has been linked to a variety of neurological disorders. These disorders can be as minor as occasional tremors and sleep disturbances or as serious as violent muscle spasms, cognitive impairment and impaired pulmonary function.

When dealing with mercury, it's critical to work with a trained hazardous waste expert.

As the nation's largest mercury waste retort company, WM can handle all your mercury waste safely and at a competitive price. Our exclusive, highly efficient technology can process any size containers, from our highly convenient recycle by mail programs up to solutions designed for multiple roll offs of materials. Our Union Grove facility hosts a patented continuous-flow retort oven, designed to process 1,000 lbs. per hour of flowable mercury contaminated powders and other solids. The four stationary retort ovens can process up to twenty-seven 55-gallon drum equivalents per batch, enabling us to handle a wide variety of big, hard-to-handle wastes such as large pieces of contaminated equipment including, pipes, tanks and arc valves.

WM's turnkey services include:

  • Waste shipping in DOT-approved shipping containers;
  • Drum labeling;
  • Shipping form preparation;
  • Loading assistance
  • Recycling certificate preparation
  • Recycle by mail programs for fluorescents, ballasts, batteries and other Hg wastes
  • And other specialized services as required.

We perform all mercury processing under EPA, OSHA and state agency operating guidelines. Our systems under regular audits.


Accepted Mercury-Containing Materials for Reclamation

As North America's largest processor of mercury by-products, Waste Management offers unrivaled experience, equipment and infrastructure for dealing with them appropriately. We offer complete management solutions especially appropriate for your industry, including product packaging, transportation, storage, treatment and recycling.

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Mercury Waste Solutions

Waste Management approaches mercury as a valuable and renewable resource to be managed, one that offers your company an opportunity to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce costs. Let us help you with mercury-containing devices that have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced or retired.

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