Microencapsulation Services

For the safe and permanent disposal of hazardous wastes meeting the RCRA definition of debris, Microencapsulation involves coating your debris waste with a custom-tailored mixture of proprietary sealing agents, thus preventing contaminants from leaching or interacting chemically with the surrounding environment. Most hazardous debris qualifies for this process. Microencapsulation is the preferred treatment for debris that can be fully coated on all surfaces, both exterior and interior.

Because your hazardous waste is trapped in the crystalline structure of the solidified matrix, there is little chance that the material will be able to interact with outside elements. In fact, it is estimated the microencapsulated materials treated with our process can remain insert for at least 100,000 years! (That's 10 times longer than all of human history-to-date.)

Microencapsulation is currently available at our Subtitle C landfills in:

  • Arlington, Oregon
  • Kettleman City, California
  • Emelle, Alabama
  • Sulphur, Louisiana

Hazardous wastes require handling and disposal by proven experts. WM's hazardous waste services lead the industry in safety, reliability and technical sophistication while maintaining full compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations. WM's excellent track record allows us to offer you the industry’s best hazardous waste indemnification package coupled with the economies of scale that come from working with North America's largest environmental services organization.