Organic Waste Treatment Technologies

WM offers a variety of organic treatment and remediation solutions for recycling industrial byproducts. Whether your treatment priorities are driven by economics, transportation haul distances, technological preferences, or the support of environmental stewardship, WM can assess each of the available options and recommend the organic solutions most appropriate to your needs.

WM's organic technologies include:

  • Plastics Recovery - Using a pyrolysis process, we can convert difficult-to-recycle plastics into a high-value synthetic crude oil. This oil can, in turn, be converted into ultra-low sulfur diesel and other transportation fuels and petroleum products.
  • Thermochemical Technologies - We are working with technology partners to process various waste streams through the use of gasification, plasma and pyrolysis processes to create additional waste-to-biofuels options.
  • Organics Recovery Unit (ORU) - Our ORU uses indirect heat to drive organic material, water and solids from soil or other media. This process is suitable for chlorinated solvents, organic dyes and dye intermediates, pesticides and herbicides, process wastes, refinery wastes, semi-volatile organics, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Benefits of our organic treatment services include:

  • Low remediation expenses. We offer environmentally friendly solutions that are cost effective, energy efficient, and the residuals produced are compliant with federal and state treatment standards.
  • Reduced liability. Our organic treatment services are in full compliance with all local, state and federation regulations, thus minimizing your legal exposure.
  • Support of environmental stewardship. Organic treatment can help your company better pursue its environmental stewardship goals.
  • Beneficial Reuse. Organic treatment allows many liquid wastes to be recycled as fuel.


Organic Treatment Technologies

We offer the most advanced treatment and remediation solutions using proven technologies. We can not only help manage your waste stream, but also help to make less of it and derive higher value from these materials. Some of our technologies include: Plastics Recovery, Thermochemical Technologies, Thermal Remediation, and Bioremediation.

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