Organics Recovery Unit

Soils and other solids contaminated with organic materials can pose an immediate health hazard as well as threaten long-term environmental damage. Although conventional remediation techniques can often reduce or eliminate these contaminants, such processes can be expensive and time-consuming.

WM is on the cutting edge of soil remediation technology. For example, WM's Organics Recovery Unit, located in Arlington, Oregon, uses indirect heat to drive organic material and water from soil or other media. The liberated organic vapors and water are then condensed in a multi-stage system, and the resulting liquids can be recycled into fuel.

Our ORU can benefit your company by:

  • Lowering remediation expenses. Our Organics Recovery Unit offers an environmentally friendly solution that is cost effective and energy efficient, and that yields a product that meets federal and state treatment standards.
  • Reducing liability. An alternative to incineration, our ORU facility can accept a wide range of contaminated material, including process-generated sludges and soils, and treats them according to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.
  • Regulatory compliance. Thermal remediation offers a fast and effective organics treatment method that enables companies to pursue remediation projects requiring high regulatory-based treatment performance levels.
  • Environmental stewardship. The ORU supports environmental performance objectives for organics recovery and can play an important role in your company’s drive toward sustainability.
  • Beneficial reuse. After the thermal process is complete, oils and solvents separated from the soils or other materials may be recycled as fuel.