Solids Waste Management

Whatever solid wastes your facility generates, Waste Management can provide a smart, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution. As North America's largest environmental services organization, we have the facilities, financial resources and technical expertise to efficiently handle solid industrial byproducts of any type and in any volume you require.

Based on an analysis of your facility's solid waste stream, we will create a program to meet your budgetary and diversion goals. This program may include:

  • Recycling - When possible, we will seek ways to recycle your solid byproducts, particularly paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. We will first look for ways for you to recycle/reuse these materials at the facility where it's generated. We will next consider recycling/reuse possibilities at other facilities within your company's network. Finally, we will look for buyers on both the national and international markets, seeking to gain the best prices for the volumes you produce.
  • Non-Hazardous Landfill - When recycling is not an option, permanent landfill disposal is usually required. All Waste Management landfills are carefully designed, constructed and maintained to contain waste and keep toxins from leaching into the surrounding environment. We operate within strict parameters established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as state environmental management agencies. With 267 landfill disposal sites, we likely have a facility close to you.
  • Hazardous Landfill - If you generate hazardous wastes, we have five Subtitle C hazardous waste facilities where you can permanently dispose of these materials safely and within full state and federal compliance. At our hazardous waste landfills, we offer a number of proven solutions for isolating hazardous wastes from the surrounding environment, including microencapsulation and macroencapsulation.