Specialized Trucking Waste Management

Unusual industrial waste challenges require specialized transportation solutions. As North America's largest environmental services company, WM offers a wide range of specialized trucking solutions to meet your organization's unique transportation needs.

Call on your WM Technical Services Representative for specialized truck services that include:

  • End Dumps - As their name implies, end dumps are trailers that discharge their loads by raising their front ends and then letting the payload slide down the bottom of the bed and out through the tailgate. Our aluminum end-up trailers are a cost-effective solution for transporting a variety of industrial materials and byproducts.
  • Demolition Trailers - Demolition trailers are specially designed to carry the kinds of heavy loads associated with construction and demolition (C&D) materials. These heavy-duty trailers can safely transport chunks of concrete, steel, lumber, rebar and similar C&D materials for recycling or disposal.
  • Tandem Trailers - A tandem trailer consists of two trailers designed to be pulled by a single cab. For large volume waste hauls, tandem trailers save time and money, transporting double the volume of a normal tractor trailer while still requiring only a single driver.
  • Pup Trailers - A pup trailer is a short semi-trailer, usually 26 to 32 feet long, with a single axle. These are effective solutions for smaller volume waste hauls.

We have other specialized transportation services solutions available for you, too.