Sustainable Operations Review

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It's an increasingly popular business philosophy with tangible, quantifiable benefits. By definition, a sustainable organization is built to last. It's designed to stand the test of time. From top to bottom, from the boardroom to the loading dock, its systems and policies make optimum use of resources, be they capital, natural, manufactured or human. It minimizes waste. It protects the environment. It respects the individual. And it always seeks ways to improve its operations.

As a WM manufacturing and industrial services customer, your company is eligible for a Sustainable Operations Review. To begin this review, our environmental services experts will examine all aspects of your facility's operation, from input through output and distribution, to seek out ways to reduce or eliminate waste, lower costs and maximize efficiencies.

More specifically, we will look for ways for your organization to:

  1. Reduce or eliminate non-product output. Material waste and by-products create a major drain on your company's bottom line. They are quite literally resources you were unable to convert to re-marketable products. They represent not only a wasted capital investment, but you must then pay to dispose of these materials, which can be costly. So minimizing waste at the source can provide savings at both ends of the manufacturing process.
  2. Source or design product inputs with "next-life" potential. When possible, WM will identify materials that, if not fully consumed in your manufacturing process, have proven value to others on the open market. Choosing such materials helps ensure a return on your company's investments.
  3. Engage your supply-chain partners in sustainability efforts. When companies in your supply chain are practicing sustainability, it becomes much easier for you to achieve your own sustainability goals. We will work with your suppliers to help ensure the products and materials you receive are as environmentally friendly as possible and, if not fully used, can be easily remarketed or recycled.
  4. Design customer products with improved sustainability attributes. We will help your designers and engineers enhance your products so they can be easily recycled, more efficiently transported, and have less wasteful packaging. In most cases, these enhancements reduce overall costs, which can make you more competitive and/or increase annual profits.
  5. Increase success through organizational and behavioral changes. The success of your company's sustainability efforts will ultimately depend on how committed your officers, managers and employees are to the program. We will help educate your employees on the value of sustainability and encourage them to constantly seek new, more efficient ways to reduce waste at all levels of your operations.