Tank Cleaning & Removal Services

If your facility stores any kind of industrial liquids onsite, your storage tanks need to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis to remove built-up contaminants and prevent corrosion. WM offers tank cleaning and waste removal services that are efficient, safe, and highly cost effective. Periodic tank cleaning and waste removal from WM should be part of any industrial environmental services program.

Types of tank cleaning operations we routinely conduct include:

  • Crude oil storage tanks
  • Fuel oil tanks
  • Manufacturing process and product tanks
  • Heat exchangers and other vessels
  • Wastewater treatment tanks and vessels
  • Cooling tower basins
  • Manhole and sump cleanouts
  • Railcars
  • Barges

We deliver expert tank cleaning and waste removal services using advanced, proven technologies. Our vacuum and pumper trucks are equipped to handle a wide range of industrial liquid wastes, including hazardous and caustic materials.

We employ specially designed suits and hoses that allow our trained personnel to work safely and efficiently in limited-access spaces. Thanks to our emphasis on worker safety, virtually all of our tank cleaning projects have been completed with zero safety incidents. Your tank cleanings, be they routine or unscheduled, need not hamper your overall facility operations.

Our experienced environmental services experts will work with your facility's management to arrange tank cleaning services so as to minimally interfere with other site activities. In many cases, we can complete these kinds of cleaning projects without causing any major drops in your facility's output.