Temporary Storage

WM offers tanks for the temporary storage of water and other liquids used in industrial and extraction operations. You may require temporary storage tanks ("frac tanks") for your company's hydraulic fracturing, drilling or other extraction activities. They can also be used for the short-term storage of run-off liquids.

Benefits of WM temporary storage tanks include:

  • A Choice of Sizes. Capacities range from 200 barrels to 40,000 barrels.
  • A Choice of Styles. Tanks come in both roll-off, intermodal and modular designs.
  • Ease of Construction. Our modular frac tanks don't require the use of cranes. This eliminates suspended loads and reduces the chance of delays due to high winds.
  • Short Lead Times. Often times we can construct a specialized tank in six to eight hours.
  • Ease of Maintenance. Our portable tanks feature contoured, full-drain, conical bottoms with smooth walls and no internal bracing, for easy, low-cost maintenance and cleaning.
  • Linkable Capacity. Our portable tanks feature front and rear feed lines, allowing them to be plumbed together to form an extensive storage system.
  • OSHA Approved. All tanks are OSHA approved Safe Installation.
  • A Total Solutions Package. Our frac tank total solutions package includes water management, water heating, insulating tank covers, and side-feed suction to reduce or eliminate the need for transfer pumps.

Look to our team of water storage and disposal efforts for safe, cost-effective solutions for your temporary water and other liquid storage needs.