Zero Landfill Waste Management

Transform waste into valuable resources with the help of Imagine, sending less waste to a landfill than a single household. Your facility can achieve this ambitious goal with the help of our experienced industrial services experts.

Working with your facility's environmental staff, we will:

  • Initiate a Waste-to-Resource Assessment®, identifying numerous opportunities to either eliminate waste or find valuable uses for it.
  • Identify new sources of revenue for your byproducts.
  • Help establish waste reduction programs with your supply and distribution chain partners.

Why Aim for Zero Landfill?

There are many tangible benefits your company can enjoy by pursuing zero landfill initiatives.

These benefits include:

  • Lowering your materials disposal costs.
  • Achieving additional income from the sale of industry by-products.
  • Enhancing relations with local governments and regulators.
  • Improving your brand value with community residents and businesses.

Moving from zero-landfill to zero-waste

At the same time your company is working to achieve zero landfill status, you can also put a zero waste program into effect. What's the difference?

A zero landfill initiative has a single, finite goal: to divert 100 percent of industrial materials from local landfills. A zero landfill initiative may consider recycling a satisfactory solution for non- product outputs and stop there without exploring options that are higher on the waste solutions hierarchy. The zero-waste target is to reuse or ideally eliminate all non-product outputs entirely. So nothing is left on the curb.

The industrial experts at WM can provide the solutions that will drive your company toward both zero landfill and zero waste.