Zero Waste Solutions

Across the country, from college campuses to manufacturing facilities, organizations are succeeding in the quest to generate zero waste from their daily operations. With, you can too.

The benefits of an effective Zero Waste initiative are numerous. By implementing Zero Waste initiatives, your organization can:

  • Lower production costs.
  • Boost the bottom line.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Lower risk.
  • Improve your community relations.

As green consulting experts, we have the methods, tools and knowledge to guide you all the way to Zero Waste. Our environmental professionals can analyze your industry and organizational dynamics, and then create a unique end-to-end solution that delivers the highest return on your investment. Beginning with beneficial disposal, we drive toward eliminating waste altogether. This Zero Waste strategy helps build your brand while benefitting your bottom line.

  • Zero Waste Strategy - Working in consultation with your environmental management staff, we will develop a program that includes level-setting and benchmarking criteria, developing meaningful metrics for measuring success and tailoring a go-forward implementation plan specific to your goals.
  • Sustainable Operations Review - We'll examine your operation from input through output, and seek out opportunities to:
    • Reduce or even eliminate non-product output.
    • Source or design product inputs with "next-life" potential.
    • Engage your supply-chain partners in sustainability efforts.
    • Design customer products with improved sustainability attributes.
    • Increase success through organizational and behavioral changes.
  • Resource Flow Analyses - Our experts will examine your product or service's environmental impact. This includes:
    • Raw material input.
    • Conversion processes.
    • Conveyance systems.
    • Non-product output
    • Consumer use.
    • Final disposition

Using this information, we can design comprehensive material flow and recovery systems that best serve your operations and environmental goals.

  • Resource Productivity - We can help you develop sustainable business operations that reduce waste by concentrating on resource productivity and next-life solutions. Working with our network of outside sources and recyclers, we can find homes for your manufacturing residuals — some of which can end up right back at your facilities as new materials.
  • Data Tracking and Monitoring - Our wide range of OSHA approved portable storage tanks range in capacity from 8,400-21,000 gallons. Available in both roll-off and intermodal designs, our tanks feature current structural and safety technology, with excellent maintenance and service.


Zero Waste Manufacturing

Waste no longer needs to be an accepted part of business. Waste Management's Sustainability Services Team can help you address the myriad of sustainability issues you face by finding and implementing the right waste elimination and reduction solutions - from strategy, to design, through execution of the plans.

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