North America’s Leading Solid Waste Services Provider.

WM is North America's premiere solid waste services provider. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company operates waste services facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

WM uses advanced technology combined with superior operational standards and the industry’s strongest indemnification program to give its customers affordable solutions to even their most difficult waste disposal challenges.

WM expertly operates 390 collection operations, 310 transfer stations, 267 landfill disposal sites, 17 waste-to-energy plants, 120 recycling facilities, 36 organic processing facilities and 137 landfill-gas-to-energy projects. The company proudly offers its full range of environmental services to nearly 21 million residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers.

Though large in scale, WM tailors its services to each customer group and to local communities to ensure timely, effective response to customer needs. WM is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, working diligently to ensure regulatory compliance and protection of human health and the environment. For more information regarding WM, please visit www.wm.com or www.thinkinggreen.wm.com.


Welcome to WMSolutions.com

At Waste Management, we've spent a lot of time understanding not just the materials our customers generate but the things that go along with it - like regulations, permits, profiles and reports. We set out to create a solution that handles all the aspects of your job. The result is an online resource called WMSolutions.com.

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