At Waste Management, we understand that nothing is more important than maintaining a safe work environment for our employees, customers and contractors, which is why our company recognizes safety as a core value. Please review the Waste Management Disposal Safety Rules video and Work Face / Tipping Floor Rules included on this page with your employees, to ensure they are aware of the safety rules and expectations when visiting our landfills and transfer stations. Thank you for being a Customer of Waste Management.

Waste Management
Work Face / Tipping Floor Rules

  • Always Wear Required PPE - Hi-Visibility Vest / Clothing: Hard Hat; Safety Glasses; Safety Boots; Gloves
  • Never Use Mobile Communication Devices
  • Never Smoke
  • Always Follow Posted Speed Limits
  • Always Follow the Direction of WM Site Personnel and Traffic Flow Signs
  • Always Maintain a Minimum of 15 Feet Spacing From Other Vehicles, Equipment and People
  • Always Maintain a Minimum Spacing of Trailer Length Plus 15 Feet From End-Dump Trailers
  • Always Keep Vehicle Cabs Even With Others When Dumping or Parked - Do Not Stagger
  • Always Only Allow 1 Person [Driver] Out of the Cab
  • Always Stay Within 6 Feet of the Vehicle/Equipment. Need Help?...Safely Notify a WM Team Member
  • Never Be Closer Than 10 Feet to an Open Pit
  • Never Salvage or Scavenge in the Waste

Waste Management

Disposal Safety Rules

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