Waste Services for the Transportation Industry

Like our transportation customers, WM is in the transportation logistics business. And because we own and operating one of the largest rolling stock fleet of vehicles in the U.S., WM is always looking for ways to find greater efficiencies while traveling across the highways, railways, skies, and waterways. Delivering goods, materials, or people is challenging enough when encountering obstacles like fluctuating fuel costs, equipment breakdowns, prohibitive weather, or disruptive world events. Meeting customer and corporate mandated sustainability goals while maintaining safe and cost effective operations make those challenges even tougher.

Enter WM to help. As the leading supplier of environmental services in North America with almost a thousand collection operations, transfer stations, and hazardous and non-hazardous disposal facilities, WM has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to manage the wastes and residuals from the transportation industry. Combined with a large network of affiliates who live by our high standards of excellence, WM has the capabilities and expertise to manage every category of by-products and to provide a wide variety of services to our transportation customers. And across the country, our transportation industry customers rely on WM's Sustainability Services team of experts to help manage and reduce residual materials, achieve environmental compliance, minimize risks, and extract value from materials you are throwing away.

Need help tracking your sustainability efforts and cost savings results? Look no farther than WM and the ENSPIRESM on-line business intelligence platform. ENSPIRESM, which is customizable to data on waste, recycling, carbon, energy, water, and other inputs, is an intuitive reporting platform that allows users to view trends over designated periods of time to generate reports and data to assist you in making informed decisions. Our Sustainability Services experts can also assist you with life cycle assessments on your operations, vendor scorecards, and GRI and other voluntary sustainability reports. So partner with someone who takes the transportation business as serious as you do; partner with WM.