Waste Consultant Services

As a waste broker or remediation contractor, you depend on suppliers to provide safe and reliable transportation, recycling, and disposal services for the companies you work for. You need someone who can supply industrial roll-off services, container and drum management services, specialized trucking such as end-dumps, demolition trailers, tandem and pup trailers, and rail services. You want to work with a provider that offers many different options; one that owns and operates more than 250 solid waste disposal facilities and six hazardous waste disposal facilities. One that can also access a huge network of treatment, disposal, and transportation alliance partners. And you need the industry’s strongest indemnification program to protect you and your customers from the difficulties associated with residuals handling, transportation, recycling, and disposal.

Enter WM – North America’s leading environmental services provider. With company operated facilities in Canada and throughout the United States, WM is uniquely positioned to provide waste brokers and remediation contractors with the services needed to complete remediation projects or to handle routinely generated waste and residuals from your customer’s facilities. In addition to our 390 collection operations, 310 transfer stations, 267 landfill disposal sites, 120 recycling facilities, and 36 organic processing facilities, WM also offers services such as industrial recycling (wood, plastics, materials from processes, metals, and more), thermal desorption, macro/microencapsulation, bioremediation, deep well injection, and PCB management. In the transportation services area, we offer a wide variety of equipment and services including dumps, tankers, pneumatic trailers, pumper and vacuum trucks, open and closed top roll-off containers, sealed sludge boxes, custom-designed containers, bulk liquid storage containers, dewatering boxes, dumps, flatbeds, short-body trucks with lift gates, vans, walking floor trailers, and others. For small projects or job needs, in addition to Less Than Truck Load (LTL) services, utilize our cost effective Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag® available at retail outlets and save on delivery charges.

You also need and want solutions to manage job aspects like profiles, reports, regulations, and permits. Look no further than WMSolutions.com – our online resource that can make your life a lot easier. With tools like EZ Profile™, the Smart Profile℠ Process, EZ Renewal™, you provide on-line answers to a few questions specific to the materials to be managed, and your approval time could be cut in half. Use electronic signature to further speed up the process. And shared viewing of libraries found on our website allow you access to the reports, regulations, and permit information you need to satisfy your customers. It’s all available from WM – your job just got easier.