WasteByRail Waste Transportation Services

WasteByRail is WM's long-haul transportation system that provides convenient and efficient access to specially equipped landfills. Since its founding in 2000, WasteByRail has formed strategic partnerships with the rail transportation industry that allow WM to move virtually any volume of waste, liquid or solid, to the landfill best equipped to handle it. Service effectiveness and cost-efficiency are the end-results of this unmatched flexibility.

Transportation Service Options

WasteByRail is available even if you don’t have immediate on-site access to rail services. Using trucks and intermodal rail containers, we can coordinate with our own hauling operations or with municipal, private or other third-party haulers to meet your needs anywhere in America.

Our range of transportation options include:

  • Intermodal Rail Containers. Available in various sizes and shapes, these multi- functional containers are loaded at your facility and then transported via truck to the nearest rail yard for transit. Intermodal containers can be used to transport a variety of waste, including compacted or non-compacted construction and demolition debris, special wastes, and hazardous wastes.
  • Motor Carriers. Your waste can be brought to designated railheads by open-top dump trailers using either WM fleet trucks or third-party carriers. Waste is then transferred from the truck to a rail car for long-distance transport.
  • Gondola Rail Cars. These are open-top rail cars typically used for hauling bulk materials such as contaminated soils, recycled glass or other bulk waste. The payload of an average gondola car is 100 tons. Many WM landfills have spur lines that can accommodate and off load gondolas.
  • Rail Tank Cars. Tank cars are available in two basic types: liquid tank cars for the safe containment and transport of free-flowing liquids, and bulk tank cars used to contain and transport fine solids such as ash, dust, sand, etc.