Waste Services for the Refinery & Petrochemical Industry

Meeting the demands of customers, corporate leadership, community leaders, and government regulators is a tough enough job without spending countless hours controlling the costs and compliance issues that come with managing waste and residuals from refineries and petrochemical facilities. At WM, we can assist you with these and in areas that take time away from your primary area of focus – your operations. Our on-site teams work every day with petrochemical and refinery customers to develop and implement cost effective solutions while assisting to keep operations in compliance. As North America’s leading provider of comprehensive environmental services, we can help your operations run smoothly and minimize downtime by providing reliable environmental services that include solid, special, and hazardous waste management; transportation services; liquids and solids management; regulatory, sustainability, and financial reporting; permitting and compliance assistance; emergency spill response and preparedness planning; and recycling of batteries, E-waste, mercury, oil, solvents, and other materials.

The stringent safety policies implemented by our on-site WM Sustainability Services division has resulted in one of the best safety records in our industry. We make it our business to understand environmental regulations applicable to refinery and petrochemical operations to help you minimize risks and liability concerns that come with environmental safety and compliance. Being both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified enables our WM Sustainability Services division to assist companies in their ISO efforts. And, our single-point-of-contact approach has saved 9 U.S. refineries more than a documented $41 million in cost savings since 1999.

We can do the same for you. We are committed to helping refinery and petrochemical companies meet your customer’s needs for lubricants, fuels, and petrochemicals while simultaneously providing costs savings and promoting safety and environmental integrity. So partner with WM and let us guide you to a greener future – both economically and environmentally.


Refinery Solutions

Waste Management provides integrated environmental solutions for refineries that help maintain production and lower costs while promoting safety and compliance. We're committed to helping you meet the world's demand for fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals while, at the same time, promoting safety and environmental integrity.

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