Waste Services for the Steel & Primary Metal Industry

Across the country, companies in the steel and primary metals industries rely on WM's Sustainability Services team of experts to help manage and reduce residual materials, achieve environmental compliance, and minimize risks. As sustainability experts, we can help extract value from materials you are throwing away from your furnace, galvanizing, pickling, and rolling operations. As the leading supplier of environmental services in North America with almost a thousand collection operations, transfer stations, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal facilities, WM has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to manage the residuals from iron, steel, copper, and aluminum production facilities.

Want proof? In partnership with WM's Sustainability Services team, a large northeastern U.S. aluminum production facility is now recovering 20 – 25 tons of aluminum oxide that was previously being swept up and thrown away. With WM’s assistance, this material is now being reintroduced back into the manufacturing process. In addition to the $500,000 per year in discovered value, the diversion of this previous waste stream from landfill disposal is helping the company reach their landfill reduction goals.

As a part of the steel and primary metals industry, how can you afford to not to work with WM?