Industrial Waste Management Services

As experts in environmental waste management, WM's Sustainability Services personnel undergo annual industry and regulatory training so they can anticipate changes that will impact you and your business. We understand the chemicals, materials, and products you use and are proficient in DOT, State and EPA regulations. Many of our personnel hold degrees in science and engineering.

As experts in sustainability, we’re adept at helping you extract value from materials you may be throwing away. Since 2008, we’ve helped companies in highly regulated industries realize more than $75 million in savings.

As Earth's natural resources grow scarcer, process residuals become far too valuable simply to discard. Across the country, companies like yours are relying on WM's industrial waste management services team to help them:

  • Reduce process residuals
  • Minimize risk
  • Cut costs
  • Streamline operations
  • Achieve environmental compliance

By making WM part of your environmental team, you can realize enormous benefits. We can work side by side with you, assisting with creative solutions that deliver real savings to your bottom line. We can collaborate with you in several ways:

  • If you need us on site, we can be there to offer expert advice and help you identify and implement sustainable business practices.
  • We can help you divert material from landfills, or perhaps use it to generate power through our landfill-waste-to-energy initiatives.
  • We can help you reclaim valuable resources, such as mercury.
  • In some cases, we can help eliminate your need for a specific material altogether.
  • We can help you re-purpose your industrial by-products for other beneficial uses.

When you’re a WM customer, your options are varied and continually expanding.


Expert Solutions for Managing Industrial Materials

Across the country, industries rely on Waste Management's Sustainability Services team to help them reduce process residuals, achieve environmental compliance, and drive real savings to the bottom line. We have the capabilities and experience to manage a wide variety of by-products and to provide a host of adaptable solutions.

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