Automotive Waste Services

Highly competitive automotive manufacturers and other automotive businesses count on environmental suppliers for providing cost effective waste services while maintaining regulatory compliance. At the same time, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of every successful residuals handling program.

WM has the experience and expertise to design custom programs specifically for automotive customers’ needs whether they are one time projects to full-time on-site management programs. We use our Sustainability Services division’s “Triple Bottom Line” approach, economics, social aspects, and the environment are all considered in providing the right solution. As the leading supplier of environmental services in North America with almost a thousand collection operations, transfer stations, and hazardous and non-hazardous disposal facilities, WM has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to manage and transport the automotive industry’s industrial and commercial residuals responsibly, reliably, while finding cost savings too!

These reasons and others are why the automotive industry continues to count on WM to efficiently reduce or eliminate waste products in an environmentally safe a cost efficient manner. Think Green®. Think Waste Management.