Data Tracking & Monitoring Sustainablility Efforts

It has often been said that, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Good business management requires close data tracking and monitoring. An organization must be able to quantify changes in its operational work flow. Only through careful measurement and documentation can a company know if a change's effect is positive or negative -- or if it's even having any effect at all.

As part of our environmental services program, WM will closely monitor all aspects of your facility's operations. Our environmental services experts will carefully measure and document:

  • The nature and volume of all incoming materials.
  • How incoming materials are handled and processed as part of your manufacturing and/or refining processes.
  • The nature and volume of your waste materials and byproducts.
  • How your waste materials and byproducts are managed, be it through internal recycling, disposal or remarketing.
  • The costs associated with industrial materials management.
  • The nature and size of changes made to your standard industrial material management program.
  • The nature and size of industrial material volumes that occur as the result of these changes.
  • The financial impact -- positive or negative -- that results from changes in your sustainability program.

With this data in hand, we can rigorously and scientifically test the effectiveness of your sustainability efforts. We can also test this data to provide detailed documentation to satisfy the needs of state and federal regulators. Through diligent data tracking and monitoring, we can focus on those sustainability methods that deliver the best ROI and ensure you get the best "bang" for your environmental services buck.