On-Site Services

For larger industrial facilities, one of the best ways to optimize your waste services program is to have WM environmental experts stationed onsite. By working side-by-side with your environmental management staff on a daily basis, we can develop and manage a program that meets not only your industrial material collection and disposal needs today, but can change quickly when your needs change in the future.

The number of onsite personnel needed to run your facility's waste services program depends on the site of our operation as well as the volume and nature of the byproducts you produce. Our onsite teams range in size from a single WM employee to more than a dozen. When onsite teams are contracted, WM team supervisors generally become part of the facility's environmental management staff, attending regular meetings and working in tandem with company leadership to constantly improve the level of service provided.

The benefits of having an onsite waste disposal team are many. They include:

  • Lower costs
  • Optimized services
  • Improved communications
  • Better internal operations
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Faster response to waste emergencies

Services WM onsite teams can provide include:

  • Developing a custom-tailored program for the collection, disposal and/or recycling of your facility's industrial materials and byproducts.
  • Revising your facility's environmental program as necessary to address changing circumstances.
  • Packaging, manifesting and tracking your recyclables, hazardous materials and special waste.
  • Working in tandem with your facility's management to implement and manage a cohesive site-wide safety program.
  • Producing waste disposal and recycling reports as needed to satisfy management and regulator needs.
  • Handling waste approvals and permits as necessary.