Pipeline Services

If you operate a pipeline system for the transportation of petroleum, industrial liquids or other materials used in manufacturing and refining, then keeping that system operating efficiently requires expert inspection, maintenance, repair and, when necessary, emergency environmental response services. Waste Management, North America's leading environmental services provider, can deliver these services in ways that promote quality, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Waste Management provides pipeline services that enhance operational efficiency at all stages of a pipeline's life. Call on Waste Management to service:

  • New Pipelines. Waste Management's environmental experts can safely clean up and dispose of any wastes generated during pipeline construction, as well as check your new system for leaks.
  • Ongoing Pipeline Operations. Once a pipeline is in operation, debris inevitably begins to accrue within the system. Left unchecked, this debris can impact the pipeline's efficiency, and even integrity. Look to Waste Management to perform routine pipeline system inspections. We will clean and remove deposits that can include rust, wax, black powder and millscale. Our advanced equipment allows us to perform many of these cleaning operations without the need for expensive downtime.
  • Emergency Spill Response. In the event of a leak or pipeline rupture, Waste Management can respond immediately to help limit the spread of contaminants, safety remove any spills materials, and then remediate any contaminated soils.
  • End-of-Life. When a pipeline has reached the end of its life, turn again to Waste Management to haul away and safety dispose of pipeline components while protecting the surrounding environment.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from Waste Management's pipeline services, contact the Waste Management Technical Service Center in your area by calling 800.963.4776 or find a location.