Waste Services for the Electric Utility Industry

As new regulations that severely affect your business take effect, utility companies can count on WM to provide the custom solutions needed to stay in compliance with these and other environmental laws. We’ve taken a different approach in servicing our customers in the utilities industry – we customize solutions to address your company’s unique needs. In simple terms, we do it all. As the industry leader in supplying comprehensive environmental services in North America, WM combines a national network of transportation and disposal facilities with innovation and technology to provide the solutions that work best to fulfill your company’s needs. For example, consider the treatment and disposition of coal combustion products (CCPs). When properly handled, CCPs can become useful, environmentally sustainable materials – a reusable resource. But recent changes in air regulations have led to increased carbon levels in fly-ash, threatening its use in air-entrained concrete applications. CarbonBlocker™, is a cost effective, patented fly ash treatment technology that delivers a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. In part to help provide solutions to our electric utilities customers, WM acquired Fly Ash Direct, a company whose expertise lies with beneficiation technologies and markets for fly ash, furthering our ability to work with electric utilities companies to identify markets for fly ash treated with the CarbonBlocker™ technology.

But that’s not where WM’s customized solutions stop for utility companies. Need a CCP storage facility? WM can design, build, and operate it. Need to remediate a pond or decommission an old plant or facility? WM has been there, done that. Regulatory compliance and government affairs assistance? Yes, we can help. Facility evaluations, capping old landfills, landfill management and operation, health and safety programs, the list goes on and on. And don’t forget our nationwide network of more than 260 solid waste landfills and 5 Subtitle C landfill TSDFs. Chances are one may be located in a place nearby.

Let WM guide you to a greener future – both economically and environmentally.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from WM's Fly Ash Direct services visit wm.com, or call 513 871 9733.