Manage Your Wastewater Residuals

Wastewater Treatment Residuals Plant

If your business or plant generates wastewater sludges in your operations, you know how important it is to proactively manage these streams to address:

  • Production increases
  • Volume fluctuations
  • Periodic composition variations
  • Chemical requirements
  • Dewatering deficiencies requiring additional treatment
  • Current infrastructure maintenance to minimize the impact on the environment
  • Reduced solids loading on the headworks
  • Thickening of sludges and DAF prior to dewatering

Waste Management is an industry-leader in wastewater solutions. We have the resident expertise and empirical science to cost-effectively manage wastewater treatment residuals through custom and turnkey services, leasing or engineering, and chemical design. WM’s Industrial Waste Processing Services Group, specifically WMDolphin, has proven expertise in refining, chemical, manufacturing, food manufacturing, and sewage treatment.

What are Residuals?

Residuals refers to a broad collection of materials generated through municipal and industrial processes and systems. These processes and systems can generate multiple products. Water treatment results in the production of both drinking water and water treatment residuals; wastewater treatment results in both effluent (treated wastewater) and biosolids.

Wastewater treatment residuals are commonly generated in a variety of municipal and industrial process, such as:

  • Ash — products of coal combustion
  • Biosolids — a product of wastewater treatment
  • Food protein processing
  • Pulp and paper: products of paper processing
  • Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Landfill leachate — a product of landfill operations
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Forestry operations and wood processing

How can Waste Management Help?

WM’s Industrial Waste Processing Services Team can provide:

  • An agnostic approach to evaluating the best dewatering technologies
  • Customer-engineered dewatering and oil recovery solutions
  • Unparalleled waste reduction programs
  • Zero capital requirements — design, build, operate, and maintain
  • Turkey dewatering capabilities — episodic events, maintenance outages, long-term solutions
  • Extracting value from historically high-cost/high-volume waste streams
  • Consultative approach to hard-to-handle and high-volume sludges

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