Thermochemical Processing & Thermal Remediation

If your facility's soils are contaminated with organic materials, you face environment and liability challenges that can threaten your company's operations.

WM offers a variety of treatment and remediation solutions using proven thermochemical technologies that have been scaled to make them economically feasible for most industrial operations. We provide treatments and processes that remove organic contaminants through either the use of heat or microorganisms, which return soil or other media into usable material. In addition, we are taking advantage of innovative conversion technologies to recover valuable resources contained in select organic material.

For example, we are working with various technology partners on initiatives involving gasification, plasma and pyrolysis technologies that process a variety of waste streams. When these waste streams are converted into a syngas, an array of value-added products can be potentially created, including electricity, transportation fuels and chemicals.

Low-Temperature Thermal Desorption

Another solution is Low-Temperature Thermal Desorption, known as LTTD. This is a permanent, environmentally responsible solution for treating soils or other media contaminated with hydraulic oils, jet fuels, crude oil, volatile organic compounds, and other non-hazardous organic and petroleum materials. The process is widely accepted and economically competitive.

With LTTD, the soil is enclosed in a chamber and heated to temperatures > 800° Fahrenheit. This extreme heat causes the contaminated material to volatize and physically separate from the soil or other media so it can be either collected or thermally destroyed.

The result is clean, contaminant-free media and soil. Clean soil can then be returned to the original excavation site, used as cover in landfills, or incorporated into asphalt or other road-base materials.

Thermal Desorption enables you to:

  • Protect the environment by using a green solution for handling contaminated media
  • Significantly reduce the amount of material going directly to landfill
  • Pursue project opportunities that require non-landfill remediation solutions

WM operates a fixed-base Thermal Desorption Unit located in Azusa, California, as well as a Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit that enables us to bring the technology to your project location.